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Elderly Felicitation
গুরুজন সম্বর্ধনা
Elderly Felicitation and Cultural Program at Shibpur, Howrah

icon         2018, 24-February : 2018, 24 February: The elderly felicitation and cultural program held at Shibpur, Howrah on 10 February 2018 was observed with immense joy. All attendees were welcomed with roses and a mark on the forehead as customary. Each of the elderlies, regardless of gender, religion, caste etc. were affectionately welcomed with a packet of sweets, a gift to pay respect and a scarf as customary. Viewers enjoyed the cultural performances presented from time to time during the program. Arrangement for refreshments for all the attendees gave a new dimension to the program.
• The program was presided over by Arup Ray, Honorable Minister-In Charge, Department of Co-operation, Government of West Bengal.
Besides him, the following personalities were in the list as eminent guests of glorious presence:
• Honorable Prasun Bannerjee, Member of Parliament, Howrah Sadar.
• Honorable Dr. Ratthin Chakraborty, Mayor, Howrah Municipal Corporation.
• Educationist Aurobindo Guha, Chairman, Howrah Municipal Corporation.
• Honorable Shrishtidhar Ghosh, Acting President, Howrah District Trinamool Congress (Sadar)
• Honorable Supriti Chatterjee, President, Central Howrah Block Trinamool Congress
The entire program was held under the initiative and supervision of Dilip Ghosh, Councillor, Ward no. 37, Howrah Municipal Corporation

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