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The Changing Trend in Tollywood

icon          2018, 23 February: Tollywood, regarded colloquially as the Bengal film-making world, was dying out post the era of Uttam Kumar. It was painful to realize just a few years ago that this Bengal film-making world even had an existence. However, time is changing. Today’s young men and women are changing their tastes and preferences of choosing and watching films. Hence, film makers are slowly taking a different stance. Just like any other form of art, Cinema is also an art that requires the expertise of many diverse artists. Many educational institutes have grown up in Kolkata and Howrah to relentlessly provide such countless artists. However, we must realize that in order to sustain Bengal’s growth and our expertise in any given domain, we have to keep upgrading our skills to let ourselves flow with tide leading to Bengals’ potential being recognized at the global level. We feel so grateful for the contributions of Soumitra Chattopadhya, the name that once rocked the stage of Bengal Cinema, even at his old age. This article would remain incomplete without mentioning the name of another artist. He is Prosenjit Chatterjee. Artist Forum at Tallygunge is an organization founded by him along with many other artists. Artist Forum is a wonderful platform for the artists of Bengal.

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