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Internship for freshers

icon          Journalism is both an attractive and an adventurous profession to the present generation. Hence, the lucrative world of this profession brings most of the young men and women of this era to pursue courses in Journalism. In addition to a few government aided institutions, various private educational institutions also have courses in Journalism nowadays. Nevertheless, today’s news agencies recruit experts or shrewd, smart and active youngsters for its growth and reputation. On the other hand, a few news agencies have Internship Programs for youngsters who are not advanced enough in the job market or who see themselves way behind towards securing a good future in this daily busy schedule at workplace. The prime objective of these Internship Programs is to build as much self-confidence as possible in these youngsters to enable them feel forward in the daily busy life at workplace. Nowadays, it is not hard to find people participating in these Internship Programs outside their fixed jobs, as a part of their hobby. It goes without saying that these Internship Programs can sometimes shower immense blessings on youngsters in their careers. On being successful in proving their skills in these Internship Programs, they may also get chances of earning from the respective agencies. News agency ‘Samay Prabaha’ has recently declared the following notice – “ Be a 'Samay Prabaha' Reporter. Send us your most recent photograph,identity proof and detailed bio-data to this email address " and". “

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