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Fish and rice
Fish and rice at just Rs. 21

         2018, 20-February : Get fish and rice at just Rs. 21 here in Bengal! This project is scheduled to commence from 1st May. With prices soaring high beyond the reach of the common man, the attractive offer will be available at the district office of every district of Bengal. This project is named as “Ekushe Annopurna”. Rice, pulses, vegetables and fish are in the menu. This project will commence under the initiative of the Department of Fisheries. A total of 100 battery driven cars of Benfish will roam around all the district offices of Bengal. This car can be seen before the office of the District Magistrate. Bidhan Ray, Managing Director of Benfish, said – many poor people from rural areas regularly come to the city for various kinds of work. Most of the time, they consume substandard food at steep prices. Considering their plight, the Government has taken up this vital no-profit-no-loss step. This is Mamata Devi’s initiative in Bengal alike Jaylalita’s Amma Cantene.

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Fish and rice at just Rs. 21
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